Founded Year 2010

Axmatic become distributor of Microscan & Omron in Malaysia territory. The main focus components markets for Machine Vision and Code Reader.
Microscan were famous in 1D & 2D code reader with it well know high speed decode engine.
Omron given a very dedicated system integrations solutions, it make seamless solution for automation & machine vision.


2011 Kickoff ATT (Axmatic Tech Team)

The ATT provide a long term goal to helps and deliver know how of vision system. ATT provide design and develop in various new application supports. As well as customer support on system integrations. These make us created a very unique customers experiences in the market.

2012 New Distributorship – IDS Machine Cameras

With continue strong sales, Axmatic actively gave more rich solutions to customers by add on machine camera from iDS Germany.
IDS currently are famous on their 3D cameras and AI cameras. These outstanding products had proven delivery good performance to users and achieved world class standard.


2013 Business Development at Thailand

Axmatic have started provide vision solutions to Mektec Thailand & Fujikura Thailand, both are well know Japan base company that manufacturing flexible circuit.
The project was started with Apple mobile & Apple watch flexible circuit inspection. The pioneer technology from Apple had lead us ahead others competitor during the project cooperation.


2014 Cameras Sales Make Record High

Axmatic cameras yearly sales volume grow to 4000 pcs solely for Benchmark projects. Benchmark had develop on consumer products which require face detection. We win the projects with our technology, quality and long continues sustainable for 10 years guarantee.


2014 New Business Unit – Industrial Equipment

Axmatic had forecast and review market demand, and started to develop series of products range which is related to Auto-Vision and Manual Vision.


2015 Born of SnapDragon 3030

Today production was demand more QC inspection with higher sampling rate. SnapDragon 3030i machine is high speed OMM with 1 micron GRR Accuracy to fulfill market demand. It currently fit for mobile phone and SSD market.


2016 Denkei + SnapDragon Partner at China

The strategy partner with Denkei give us strong China market penetration. The sales up to 76 units system for electronic and automotive industries.


2016 Vision Break Thru

Axmatic continues focus on niche market to develop micro 3D vision with 2D image comparing.


2016 Fujikura Inline Machine

Inline height measurement, inspection, products sorting and packing in shipping tray.


2017 Axmatic First AVI Machine

Axmatic had build AVI system for Flex Circuit inspections. These project was customize to Mektec requirement. The winning with our gold finger (gold plating) inspection accuracy, Fast CT, Low Over Kill & Under Kill.


2017 First Tape & Reel Inspection Delivery to Sandisk

Axmatic had develop Tape & Reel Inspection for Sandisk Shanghai. The vision system able to programmable by it’s drag and drop vision tools to configure inspection requirements. These give customers the flexibility for their production line.

2017 Auto Measurement System

Axmatic had continue developing high-end measurement system. We had develop a first auto-loading measurement system for Die Attach process. Our very first customer was Sandisk.


2018 24K Gold Verifier

Axmatic have provide a customize developing services on scientific equipment to Foxconn. We have develop equipment that able to check Gold Plating Grade with A, B, C, D.
This vision check could reduce time of checking compare to XRF machine. The system could speed check all plating surface within second. Thus it’s good for high volume productions, and reduce production wastages


2019 DMX 1200 Digital Microscope

Axmatic had develop super zoom microscope. FOV size form 150mm to 30mm zoom range. DMX 1200 very successful on electronic industries visual inspection needs.



Partner with EFCO Industrial PC Products

Axmatic have provide a customize solutions for industries pc products, and it also focus on embedded pc applications.