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Contract Design

Once we have identified your specific needs, we will develop an initial proposal and proof of concept. There may be multiple options to choose from depending on the goal. After you have made the decision to proceed, we will create specific designs and begin mapping out the implementation and of the project.

Vision Engineering

  • 2D & 3D Robot Guided Vision Integration
  • Process Verification Systems
  • Pick and Place Vision Systems
  • Part Inspection Systems including high accuracy tolerance verification.
  • Turnkey Engineered Vision Inspection Systems


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[headline margin=”low-margin”] Green Energy Sponsorship [/headline]

Axmatic had sponsor 5 units of high power microscope for the Asia local university in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for develop biodiesel from algae. We know algae appear to be the only feasible solution today for replacing petro-diesel completely. Detail


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Axmatic Barcode 2D Code_Ink Jet_resize

[headline margin=”low-margin”] Laser Marking Replacement [/headline]

Axmatic currently working with china largest mobile & pc manufacturer factory to improvement on PCB board ID marking solutions. Laser ID marking on PCB are widely for electronic industries. The only reason Detail


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[headline margin=”low-margin”] Auto-Tracking Process [/headline]

Axmatic completed customer buy off on our newly develop software for data ID tracking in production line. The system make seamless tracking from the incoming material until finish products. The system capable to trace multiple coding types into single information Detail


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