Die Attach Inspection

+/- 2 micron accuracy: Die X-Y Offset, Die Rotation
Vision Inspection: Chipping, Scratch , Dent, Contaminations, Particle & Water Mark

Vision Features

Metrology Tools

Modular Design

That Make Easy

Upgrade, Replace & Calibration Free

Space Frame

That Make

2 Micron Accuracy Work!

Products Handling Size

Magazine Auto-Loader

Input: 3 magazines
Output: 4 magazines

Strip Loader & Vacuum Stage

Strip Loader with Jam Sensor
Strip Positioning with Motorize +/- 50 Micron
Vacuum Stage Up/Down with Motorize Control
Motorize Stage +/- 50 Micron Up/Down
Vacuum Leak Sensor

Strip Pusher

Motorize Control Positioning Pusher
With Jam Sensor 10g
Handle Warpage Strip +/-6mm
Quick Clearance for Attend Jam Strip