JDP8000 Unique Pick and Place System

That help you to combine combine multiple production lot in to single lot
Vision inspection and QC sorting

  • Pick and place package size: Min 2x2, Max 30x30
  • Placing accuracy +/- 50 micron
  • JEDEC Tray Loading, Max Stack 8 Tray with auto removing/stack back cover.
  • Vision Inspection for lead and leadless package. 
  • Combine Multiple lot become single lot
  • Tray Mapping Capability before/after Pick and Place process

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy calibration for all package type with image indication
  • SECS/GEM Ready with lot report update
  • Poka-yoke loading to avoid operator wrong loading process
  • Seamless feedback system with alarm and user interface control

Easy-Cal Program

with Graphical User Indication

Process JEDEC Tray Flow & Design

Possible to Add Optional and Customization Feature

Laser Marking
OS Test
Large Tray Quantity
Pick-up Head Quantity
Pick-up Orientation