First in The Market Gold Verifier

Suitable for qualify gold plating process
Gold Finger Discolour Check
Incoming Material Check
Inline Gold Discolour Check
Offline QC
Validate Process
Flex SMT Check

Translate Gold Discoloration into Pixel

Gold coverage area will translate into black pixel.
Meanwhile white pixel is no gold area.


Image Output Comparison

Under Microscope

Under GV2000 Gold Verifier


Verification & Calibration with XRF

Usage Comparison

XRF & GV2000 Gold Verifier

XRF Spot Size 50 micron
Slow Small Scale Checking
Spot Thickness Reading Multi-Layer
Base on Standard Thickness
GV2000 Verify Full Coverage Area
High Speed Large Volume Checking
Grade A, B, C Quality Matching
Calibration with XRF Pass

Data Output for Each Gold Finger

with Grade A, B, C, D

In Real Production Mode

Where people use it !
to Achieve better Quality Control